IKEA - Change a bit for good - TVC 60' #WonderfulEveryday


I was contacted by PULSE to design the hero robot and family, for the latest IKEA campaign 'Change a bit for good' #WonderfulEveryDay. Loved the brief and coming up with a SUPER cute eco warrior little robot. I worked very closely with the director Ninian Doff and production designer David Lee on this and loved every step of the process.

The robot was built and shot for real, and then had CG replacements. I think NineteenTwenty did an amazing job putting it all together. Super pleased to see my design come to life and looking so close to the original concept.

Production Company: PULSE

Director: Ninian Doff

Production Designer: David Lee

Pst Production: NinteenTwenty

CG Adv
nineteentwenty, robot, ikea