Robot Line


VR truly left so many memorable moments for me in my life. Certainly the most impactful thing that I ever experienced in advancement of technology.

Robot Line is one of those moments yet again....I worked on a bigger Quillustration over the course of 3 days.

The idea was to be in a subway train in a world of robots that you can experience together with your friends inside Facebook Spaces.

This piece is entirely painted and animated in Quill. I imported the sound and started painting the interior of the train, as I started adding more detail and robot after robot, at times I felt like I'm really there, creating art in a moving train. I was completely immersed in the world I was creating...being in the zone has a whole new meaning in VR ...

It's mind boggling to me to see just how far we've come and I feel fortunate to be able to witness what artists create with this amazing new technology.

Watch it in VR in Facebook Spaces! (on the dock, click the right arrow, select Drawings and then Quill Art)

CG Short