Visit Finland "Fox Fires" Japan/Finnish

The northern lights are a mysterious natural phenomenon. Unpredictable and usually appearing only on very cold nights, these enchanting illuminations have, through the ages, aroused feelings that they have magical powers beyond human comprehension. In the Finnish folklore, the northern lights are born from the sparks when the tail of the artic fox touches the trees under the northern sky.

Client: Visit Finland

Agency: SEK
Producer: Tarja Koskela
Client Director: Mira Vierto
Creatives: Sami Korjus, Robin Falck

Director: Piñata
Piñata producer: Miia Länsimäki
Piñata artists: Valtteri Heinonen, Tuomas Korpi, Mika Rantala, Mikko Vormala, Lumi Sonck

Music & Sound design: Marko Nyberg / El Camino
CG Adv
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