The Launch - Houdini Pyro/Redshift volume GPU rendering study



this is evolution of an old project. I decided to check if I can render a whole pyro-oriented scene in one pass. That was supposed to save me a headache of compositing multiple smoke/explosion elements on top of eachother. It worked, but obviously I lost control over look of individual pieces (outside of rendering whole sequence again). I don't think this method would work in a production environment :)

What started mainly as a volume exercise ended with fully modeled 3d environment... because why not? Took a bit too much time for what it is, but at least it is done!

Rendered using Redshift. When whole frame was covered in explosion and smoke it took about an hour per frame on 7xGTX 980Ti's. Other than that 5-10 min/frame

Hope you liked it!


Houdini - sims

3ds max - scene assembly, modeling and some particles

Mari - texturing

After Effects - compositing

Motion Graphics - Making Of
rocket, launch, houdini, pyro, space, explosion, redshift, large scale, gpu