Economy is Care


A short film that questions the current state of the economy with thought-provoking sequences and takes a look into the past how the present understanding of the economy came to be.

We all work, consume and want to live a good life. That is why we are all part of the economy. But more and more often some get a lot more appreciation and reward, while others go home empty handed. On top of that there is a large amount of unpaid work, but vital work, which goes unnoticed. Let’s go on a short journey and try to find out why that is.

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Making of:

directed by: Sergio Herencias & Andreas Tanner

produced by: Guave Motion, Sergio Herencias

written by: Ina Praetorius

screenplay by: Sergio Herencias, Andreas Tanner

executive producers: Hans Jörg Fehle, Ina Praetorius

animation: Andreas Tanner

cinematography: Sergio Herencias

technical director: David Fritsche

concept design & illustration: Sarah Vettori

editing & compositing: Sergio Herencias

music & sound design: Neil Raouf

narrator: James Macsay

english translation: Melissa Eberle-Schwartz

CG Short
animation, shortfilm, care, economy, carework, 3D animation, infotainment, documentary, full cg, capitalism, ecology, childcare, household, feminism, children, income, rethink, sustainability, raise