Tiger Flower: Color Grading


In partnership with Razorfish Health, Lightfarm developed this beautiful campaign. Over six months of production, the team dedicated itself to a meticulous process to create a tiger made of petals inspired by the concept of artist Raku, who photographs real flowers and composes the photos in various formats.

The agency contacted the artist, and under the direction of Milton Menezes, a unified workflow was created for a fluid and pleasant experience for the client.

Each petal was developed in CGI on top of real flowers photographed. Then, to sculpt the veins and general shape of each petal, we modeled, textured, and finally simulated it based on the physics of motion in the model.

They were crafted onto the tiger's body in a digital process that resembles the actual process of building a sculpture.

The next step was to animate and rig the tiger to make him walk. In this step, real tigers' videos were used as a reference to make the movements look 100% realistic. The camera has been animated in 3D to simulate realistic cinematography, with cinematic depth of field and color grading.


Direction: Milton Menezes and Marcelo Vaz

Coordenação: Ricardo Daroz

Modeling: Pedro Augusto

Rigging: Leo Carvalho

Seated Pose: Felipe Simões

Animation: Guilherme Gazzoni

Simulation: Heber Conde

Environments: Marcelo Vaz

Lookdev: Marcelo Vaz

Still Post Production: Milton Menezes

Film Color Grading: Daniel Silva

Production: Krystal Leasure

CG VFX & Misc