Hard Reset Redux Cinematic Trailer - Making Of

This is a making of for the pulverizing cinematic trailer we directed and produced for the Hard Reset Redux game. Check out the final version at: http://www.colorbleed.nl/projects/hard-reset-redux/

Robots, explosions and breaking up floors
Because of the post-apocalyptic environment we wanted to go all out with simulations and interaction with the environment. Therefore we started experimenting with Fume FX for Maya. Using these new features we were able to create some kick-ass explosions. We also added a ground that is breaking up as the robot moves through the street. All of this in an epic 30 second animation which is part of a bigger edit that also contains game footage.

We developed a short story with the sole purpose of building up tension before the game footage would kick in. Therefore we slowly introduced the two characters Fletcher and his enemy the Robot. An exciting chase which ends in a bloody battle.

To help sell the game we were also asked to create a key-art image for the game. For this we posed Fletcher into an heroic pose and added some render goodness to him.
Cinematic - Making Of
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