Legion Phenomenon


This is a shot from "The Monk and the Devil" feature film. (vimeo.com/183047927)

This is where we can see the devil(named Legion) which lives inside main character(Ivan Semenovitch) appears for the first time on the screen. Director wanted to see Legion steps out easily out of Ivan who's very exhausted with devils advices whispering permanently in his head.

The shot was done in two takes with similar camera movements.(rails without any special controller) We've stabilized, matchmoved and stitched em together so one sits almost perfect atop another. Also we`ve rigged simple character and done bodytrack for smoke emission object.


Art Direction - Konstantin Listratov

Modeling - Ivan Kulistov

Rig&Bodytrack - Shamil Rybalkin

FX - Konstantin Listratov

Compositing - Ruslan Sharafutdinov

Grading - Dmitriy Donec

CG Movie - Making Of
smoke, MB, mantra volumetrics, smokeman, smoke character, high detailed smoke, pyro, sparks, smoke sim, pyro solver, micropolygon rendering, vdb