Skaarj Unreal Fanart


Keyframe Idle animation for a Skaarj from the Unreal franchise. This project was done together with Ben Erdt (http://benerdt.artstation.com/) and Perry Leijten (http://www.perryleijten.com/). Ben created the model and textures. The rig was created by Perry. They also wrote an article about it for 3d World in the April 2016 issue!

Ben approached me a while back, asking if I wanted to create an idle animation to finish off his fanart of the Skaarj from the Unreal franchise. When he showed me the model I didn't know how I could possibly say no! We decided the character should be a bit of a blend of the more feral Skaarj from the original Unreal game and the Skaarj from Unreal Tournament 2004.

CG VFX & Misc
Idle Animation, Unreal, Skaarj, Ben Erdt