HueBR - Animation Short Film 2018 - GOBELINS


Brazil. In a neighborhood like so many others, 4 kids meet to play. The year is 1994, World Cup.

The streets are painted and the atmosphere is joyful. It's time to celebrate. Despite the frenzy over the Brazilian team, they do not play football, but a game with their hands. They get their sticks, plastic bottles, a tennis ball and chalk...

A TACO or BETS match will start, depending on the region in the country. The place is peculiar, the field is the street, the fans are the people who come and go and there is no referee, which causes a lot of confusion. They play, get hurt, fight, help each other, but the most important thing is to have fun. Here it does not matter differences, prejudice nor contradiction because there is only one condition : friendship and unity".

Director: Ricardo Daroz

Music Designer : Gabriel Portella

Production year : 2018

CG Short
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