PUBG PNC2022 Opening Title

2grey는 PUBG의 내셔널 리그 PNC2022 오프닝 타이틀을 기획하고 만들었습니다.

태국에서 개최된 이 대회를 위해 우리는 다양한 지역의 스쿼드들이 태국으로 모여드는 스토리라인을 기획했는데, 각 지역별 스쿼드들의 개별스토리를 위한 모션캡쳐와 버추어 프로덕션,
다양한 지형을 위한 R&D, 다양한 날씨과 포탈등을 위한 비주얼 이펙트,
여러 팀의 의상과 아이템들 등 많은 것들이 요구되었습니다.
이를 위해 많은 분들의 협업과 도움이 있었고, 길지 않은 기간 안에 창작할수 있었습니다.

특별히 버추어 프로덕션과 풀CGI 씬들을 적절히 섞어 제작하게 되었는데,
아래 링크에서 비하인드를 확인하실 수 있습니다.
2grey planned and created the opening video for the PUBG National League, PNC2022.
For this competition held in Thailand, we planned a storyline in which squads
from various regions gather to Thailand.

A lot of things were required for the individual stories of the squads in each region.
Motion capture and virtual production, R&D for various terrains, visual effects for various weather and portals, costumes and items for various teams, etc.

To this end, there was a lot of collaboration and help from many people, and I was able to create it in a short time.

In particular, We made a proper mix of virtual production and full CGI scenes.
You can check out the behind-the-scenes look at the link below.


Client : Krafton
Project Manager : Jinwoo Ryu, Jaehong Hwang (Krafton)
Producer : Kyumhoe Koo (Krafton)

Creative, directed and designed by : 2grey
Creative director : Minhyuk Jang
Art Director : Yoonjung Byun

Project Manager : Minwoo Jang
Producer : Jiwoo Seo
Director : Minhyuk Jang, Youngsik Kim, Hyunjong Kim
DP : Myeongje Kim
CG Supervisor : Yoonjung Byun

Previsual : Youngsik Kim, Hyunjong Kim
Mocap : EMP motion
Animation : Sunghoe Heo
Virtual Production : VA Corp.

Asset Supervisor : Soyeun Lee
Asset Artist : Minji Oh, Heejin Ko
Assemble, Look Dev Artist : Hyungbin Kim, Yerim Lee, Doyeop Lee, Hwijoo Kim, Youngsik Kim, Hyunjong Kim, Chanwoo Lee, Sodam Kim
VFX Supervisor : Keonyong Moon
VFX Artist : Eungjik Lee, Dongwook Kim
CFX : Soyeun Lee, Minji Oh, Heejin Ko
Compositing : Minhyuk Jang
Sound : Smider
Motion Graphics