The Cosmic Serpent


The Cosmic Serpent is an animated short that attempts to entertain some of the observations documented in the book "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" authored by Jeremy Narby as well as my self exploring and expressing my fascinations throughout and post Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazonian rain forest!

Created heavily utilizing SideFX Houdini for the most part, It was as an attempt at art directed procedural animation.


Ramtin Ahmadi - Art Direction, Animation and , Sound

Ali Seiffouri - Opening title design and credits

Luis Culquitón (Don Lucho) - Shamanic Icaro Song


Ali Seiffouri, Pavel Chmátal, Don Lucho & members of the Kapitari center.

Special thanks to Optix Dubai for all their support aiding me making it into a reality! Also friends and loved ones for none of these would have been possible without them!

Ramteen Ahmadi

2017 - 2018

CG Short
cosmic, serpent, ayahuasca, origin, knowledge, DNA, Jeremy, Narby, shaman, tobacco, snake, eyes, vision, garden, eden, nebula, galaxy, mother, natutre, gaya