Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX: World War Z


A world full of crazy fast and vicious zombies seems hard to imagine. However, that doesn't stop movie makers from creating such scenarios on screen, however difficult they may seem to make. And it's all thanks to the usage of green screens and computer generated imagery' (CGI).
A city full of extras, dressed up in zombie costumes, would almost certainly use up the entire movie's budget in just one day.
So, movie makers opt for hiring 'Bob', the boffin behind the computer, who knows his stuff when it comes to CGI. Bob and his team of highly skilled individuales can create a city full of realistic 3D animated zombie for a fraction of the price.
And in these amazing VFX show reels, we get to see just how they did it!

VFX By: Prime Focus World, MPC and Cinesite

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