Old Spice Build


This super suave "spokesbeaver" was created to help promote Old Spice’s new "Fresher Collection”. US based photographer Zachary Scott commissioned CEA to composite this hyper-idyllic landscape background from a variety of stock images. Zack did an awesome job shooting the custom made beaver prop on a green screen with the log prop & foreground elements. We were more than happy to work with a great photographer & an iconic agency & brand. Happy campers all round.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

CD's: Jason Bagley & Craig Allen

AD: Matt Sorrell

Copywriter: Jarrod Higgins

Agency Art Producer: Heather Smith Harvey

Photography: Zachary Scott @ Sharpe + Associates

Photography Producer: Megan Sluiter

props & sets: Kendall Faeth

CG Still - Making Of
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