Let's Play: Step By Step


Have you ever thought about how much time of our life we ​​spent playing video games? Video games represent moments of happiness among friends since Atari was launched. "Let's Play" is the new original Lightfarm artwork in celebration of the gamer world! It's based on the illustration by Giselle Almeida with Photography + Post-production by Milton Menezes.

The 3D tentacles were made by Diego Maricato using ZBrush and Blender; the hair was created by José Mauro Lobão with Houdini and Redshift, and the floating icons were made by Rafael Moco with Blender. The photograph was made with a Phase One 100 mp. The project's final file has more than 500 layers among 5 smart files, which total 20 thousand pixels in width and almost 2 meters by 300dpis.

Want to learn how to work with super files and produce an image like this? Let's Play is the working material for the new Advanced Photoshop course at UNHIDE School, where Milton teaches techniques such as file optimization and composition of mixed assets with 3D renders, photographic elements and image bank.

Softwares used: ZBrush, Blender, Cycles, Houdini, Arnold and Photoshop

Production Credits:

Concept Art: Giselle Almeida

Photography and Post Production: Milton Menezes

3D: Diego Maricato (tentacles), José Mauro Lobão (hair) and Rafael Moco (floating icons)

Produção Executiva: Karen Maia

Model: Carolina Lee

Make up Artist: Caroline Vallaperde

CG Adv