Birdlime (Trailer)


Made with financial support from:

Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council


8th Providence Children's Film Festival -- Special Jury Prize - BEST SHORT --

26th Arizona International Film Festival -- Best Animated Short --

Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival -- Audience Award --

7th Northwest Animation Festival -- Audience Choice Award --


23rd Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

8th Anibar Animation Festival

66th Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

41st Ottawa International Animation Festival

SXSW 2017

14th Animation Block Party

11th Flatpack Film Festival

11th TAIS Animation Showcase

44th Athens International Film + Video Festival 2017

42nd Cleveland International Film Festival

65th Columbus International Film and Video Festival

12th Cortoons Festival Gandia

6th Montclair Film Festival

30th International Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults in Iran

2nd Indie Street Film Festival

Free Range Film Festival


Puppets: Brenda Baumgarten

Art Director: Winston Hacking

Composer: Bram Gielen

Sound: Marcel Ramagnano

Gibberish lead: Helen Donnelly

Gibberish performers: Laura Harris, Andrew Gaboury, Phil Koole, Helen Donnelly

Armatures: Mike Emiglio, Brenda Baumgarten

Costumes: Bonnie Burns

Vocals: Robin Dann, Ghislain Aucoin, Bram Gielen

Drums: Nico Dann

Guitar: Matt Smith

Colourist: Zachary Cox

Online editor: Andres Landau

Development support by

The National Film Board of Canada

Studio space provided by


Production support by

The Toronto Animated Image Society (www.tais.ca)

Stop Motion
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