Experimental work - KOREA

디자인릴레이 10번째 프로젝트 - KOREA

디자인릴레이 10번째 주제는 Korea였습니다. 이번 프로젝트의 목표는 어떠한 스토리를 표현하기 보다는, 실험적이고 재미있는 작품을 만드는 것이었습니다.
개인적으로 이번 기회에 최근 공부하고 있던 마블러스 디자이너를 이용하여 클로스 시뮬레이션 공부와 기존 제 작품과는 다른 스타일의 작품을 만드는 것이 목표였습니다.
제작하기 앞서 레퍼런스를 찾던 중 한국 정통 의상이나 장신구들의 아름다움을 한번 더 느낄 수 있는 계기가 되었네요 :)
부족한 실력이지만 즐겁게 작업했습니다. 재미있게 봐주세요 :D

Design relay 10th project - KOREA

KOREA is our company study group Design relay’s 10th project.
The purpose of this project is to study and practice cloth simulations and trying some different concept from my usual work.
Recently I was studying Marvelous designer and Mixamo, so wanted to create something fun experimental video with those tools.
While considering and researching, I found the Korea traditional things(clothes, environment, accesories) are very beautiful and detail.
So finally I created this funny and kind of weird animation.

Studying Marvelous designer was really fun and easy I could even made one dancing simulation after studied only for one day.
And the texturing traditional clothes and making environments, were super fun.
I hope you enjoy this :) thanks.


Direction / Simulation / Lighting / Compositing - Thaehoon Park
Music - I LUV IT by PSY
Animation - downloaded from Micamo
Tools : Cinema4d, Octane render, Mixamo, Marvelous designer, Aftereffects.
Motion Graphics
aftereffects, i luv it, king, psy, dance, traditional, cloth, marvelous designer, c4d, octane, korea, cinema4d