The Green Ruby Pumpkin


The Green Ruby Pumpkin is a magical and fun short film that captures the enchantment of Halloween.

It was a passion project that was created by two Senior visual effects artists. Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma.

This Entire project was shot in the living room. watch the making of here: https://vimeo.com/51538157

You can see our other visual effects work at: www.monstersculptor.com

You can watch this film as well as Other directors films at the Stage5 site: : http://www.youtube.com/stage5

Thank you all for the votes, and for the amazing support you have shown. Because of "The Green Ruby Pumpkin" I am now part of Spy Films. Thanks again.

CG Short
Halloween, Monsters, Monster, Red, Epic, Horror, Children, Holidays, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, Miguel Ortega, Creatures, Green Ruby Pumpkin, Trolls, Maya, Nuke, Vray, fairy tales, fables