The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda


Nexus Studios’ creator Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela, in partnership with film and design studio Le Cube and composer David Kamp, have created a 50’ animated film ‘The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda’ .

The latest artist collaboration from the ‘Mr Kat & Friends’ universe, the film combines Jaime’s beautifully crafted world populated with a wealth of exquisitely modelled Kawaii characters with hand painted cell animation and 3D.

The film tells the story of the Mr. Kat & Friends ‘Cosmic Panda’ character as his true nature is revealed. The animation begins with Cosmic Panda’s calm self-fulfilment and expands to illustrate the deconstruction of his mind with explosions of painted colours until he finds calm again.

Speaking of how the animation project came about Jaime says: “Le Cube and I met in Cutout Fest Mexico where we were invited to speak. Turns out we got along very well, they liked the Mr. Kat & Friends brand and the latest Mr. Kat collaboration was born.”

CG Short