Sucker Punch Intro Logo Breakdown


So this is a larger and (sorry) longer breakdown of the intro.

This was an extremely complex shot. You have 3000 frames length, full CG car, Rain, Splashes, Mist. and environmental elements.

I was lucky in the task of being able to develop this whole shot's fx work.

The first part is a cross cut of the many passes of the cars rain covering. This was meshed with Thinkbox Frost. The logo was completely texture driven from a Fusion comp. So I would time out the logo reveal/font type in a B/W comp in Fusion and then take that render and drive particle births based on luminance. This logo technique was an absolute life saver. If the client changed the font in the last min, all i had to do was go into fusion, update font, roto, and noise. render that out, and you have your new logo ready to sim. The car's over all rain covering was driven with Pflow and a lot of tweaks to wind, random walk, and lock bond. This was all cached out to many MANY prts. I used the PRT loader as a composting system. I broke out each layer to its own descriptor, rivulets, drops, stuck drops, and splats. In each PRT loader i was able to, with director notes, either reduce the count of each layer and then pump that into frost for a final meshing. My logo PRT master list was 15 PRT file sequences. The final full car meshing took 45min a frame with the beta version of Frost....now it takes 2 mins to mesh the WHOLE car. Sadly, we couldn't use the latest version because I had already had Director by offs on a lot of the elements. Using a new version of a software, even if its faster, changed the appearance of the trails and those were locked. Damn that sucked haha.

The second part is the many little clips of RnD from when I had JUST started to figure out how the hell i was going to cover a car in rain for 3000 frames from clouds to inches away. It also includes a few RealFlow passes of tire splashes that were added into the shot.

It's one of those year long effects/shot that feels impossible to explain or show all the work of because its just so damn complicated to do so. So I hope I shed a hint of light on the making?



Motion Graphics - Making Of