Cicada Princess


Directed by Mauricio Baiocchi http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0047821/

Narrated by Stephen Fry http://stephenfry.com/

Music by Jesse Solomon Clark http://agentsdelfuturo.com/

"Cicada is a gift for one person and the world at the same time. I had thought that a gesture of kindness and love if made just right would resonate itself into many more such acts." -Mauricio Baiocchi, director

Contact Mauricio Baiocchi---> info@cicadaprincess.com


Check out this Behind The Scenes of the scoring sessions: https://vimeo.com/60517269

While Cicada Princess was still in production, I started composing some themes based on the story. I visited the set a few times, so I had an idea about the look of film. I probably had a feature film's worth of music for this short. Once there was a locked edit it became clear that, although the story is kind of epic and operatic in scale, the score needed to provide a thread to tie together the quickly-moving story together.

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CG Short
Stephen Fry, animation, film score, music, film