Baskin Robbins "America's Birthday Cake"


Project Name: Baskin-Robbins "America's Birthday Cake"

Length: :15

Debut Date: July 5, 2010

Client: Baskin-Robbins

Advertising Agency: 22squared

Chief Creative Director: John Stapleton

SVP Director of Broadcast: Connie Newberry

Creative Director, Writer: Curt Mueller

Senior Broadcast Producer: Kelly Kissell

Associate Creative Director: Isvel Rodriguez

Production Company: Nathan Love

Director: Joe Burrascano

Executive Producer: Mike Harry

Producer: Derrick Huang

Art Director: Anca Risca

Character Designer: Sigmund Lamberto

Additional Designs: Bradford Johansen, Sylvia Apostol

Project Lead: Frank Naranjo

Animation Lead: Ryan Moran

Animators: Kyle Mohr, David Han, Doug Litos, Tony Travieso

Lighting, Rendering, and FX Lead: Mats Andersson

Compositing Lead: Herculano Fernandes

Texturing: Anca Risca, Mary Ibosh

Texture, Lighting, Composite Artist: Jon Lee

Fur TD: Andy Guttormsson, David Avetisov

Cloth TD: Carlos Sandoval

Rendering TD: Arsen Arzumanyan

Pipeline Lead: Stephen Mackenzie

Pipeline TD: Mikael Spade

Character Modeling: Mary Ibosh

Additional Modeling: Youngmin Kim

Sound Design: Andrew Skinner

Music Composer: Andrew Skinner

Additional Sound Design & Final Mix: Erich Netherton (RIOT Atlanta)


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Nathan Love, Adobe Creative Suite, Nuke, porcupine, baskin robbins, ice cream, america's birthday cake, white, bows, balloons, hedgehog, 3d, commercial