Kroger "Anthem" Dir: Cesar Pelizer


Kroger—the largest supermarket chain in the US—and DDB New York approached Hornet director César Pelizer to aid in the launch of a massive company rebrand. The goal was to solidify their branding and tell a more cohesive and inclusive story about their commitment to food that’s “Fresh for Everyone.” To do so, they needed to create a look and feel that wasn't just ownable and original, but also emblematic of the diversity of Kroger's millions of customers. The 100-plus unique character designs César and co. subsequently produced was nothing short of staggering in terms of both scope and originality. The 30-second TV spot is contagiously fun. And the countless in-store, out-of-home, and social media assets showcase a sweeping ability to unify the Kroger brand with characters that are relatable, inviting, and fun.

Director: César Pelizer

Agency: DDB New York

Production Co: Hornet

Executive Producer: Alex Unick

Head of Production: Sang-Jin Bae

Development Producer: Kristin Labriola

Producer: Lucas Ajemian

Editor: Anita Chao

Assistant Editor: Marianne Hill

Production Coordinator: Lotty Vique

Lighting and Texturing: Linda Zhou



Storyboard Artist: Andres Padilla

Designers: Matt Herring, Milo Targett, Enrique Vazquez



CG Lead: Corey Langelotti

Modeling & Texturing: Angeline Rivera, Natalia Perez, Enrique Vazquez, Jamil Primas, Christine Kim, 

Rigging: Jared Eng, Tyler Fotenos

Lighting & Rendering: Jamil Primas, Natalia Perez, Christine Kim

Compositors: Jamil Primas, Natalia Perez, Christine Kim, Chimin Yang, Emily Mai

Animators: HeeJIn Kim, Paolo Cogliati, Anderson Ko



Sound Design and Mix:  Honey Mix




CG Adv