Worms the movie - Teaser

“Worms the movie” is a stop-motion animation feature made for all ages, with its focus on children.

The feature is about a worm pre-teen, Junior, who has difficulties to interact well with his peers. Like many typical urban boys of today, he is over protected and spoiled by his parents.
But Junior never gives up in his attempts to be accepted by his friends until one day he is accidentally brought up to the surface by a shovel – that's when his incredible journey begins .

Through many exciting adventures and with lots of action, our little hero learns that values like self-respect, trust and true friendship are the true weapons to be able to get over the obstacles of life.

Inspired by our Award winning short film also called “Worms”, which won awards at important animation festivals like Anima Mundi in Rio and São Paulo, and the Tokyo Video Festival in Japan, the movie is a pioneer in Brazil in its use of the stop-motion technique in feature films.
Stop Motion
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