CG Robot Breakdown


Dennis the Robot Breakdown who gets in all sorts of trouble and just when he thought he lost his faith, hoping he will get reunited once again with his loved ones, a bigger force is reaching out to help.

So now that he is safely reunited once again with his loved ones, by the help of a bigger force it is safe to show the birth of him !

Congratulations to the talented crew involved # practically, digitally but also mentally :)

Main Credits:

Client: Protergia Energy

Agency: The Newtons

Prod. Company: Filmiki

Director: Dennis Illiadis

DOP: Thimios Bakatakis

Concept, CGi & VFX: IXOR

VFX & Post: IXOR

Colorist: Dimitris Karteris (IXOR)

CG Adv - Making Of
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