Daemon Teaser - Bleeding Edge (2020) | Warwick Mellow


The 'Daemon Teaser' was created to introduce people to Bleeding Edge's central hero, Daemon. As the Principal Animator on Bleeding Edge I was responsible for laying out and animating this teaser. The central character Daemon is 100% hand keyed by myself with the 'SWAT' characters a mix of mocap and hand key animation. Special thanks to Steven Manship (acting) and Balazs Kalazdi (mocap layout) for assistance.

A complete list of Credits follows:

Direction: Steven Manship

Animation: Warwick Mellow

Mocap Layouts and UI: Balazs Kalazdi

Lighting: Bao Vu

Rigs: Jacob Feeley

Character Models: Aleksandr Kirilenko

FX: Tobias Noller

Environment Art: Dan Sonley

Audio: Daniele Galante

3D Animation, Animation, Daemon Teaser, Warwick Mellow, Bleeding Edge