"The Volunteer" - Short Film


A scientist chooses to stay behind amidst a mass planetary evacuation.


A self-filmed short created over the past few months. It was quite the challenge to direct, DP and act, but I'm extremely proud of what we were able to create.

Huge thanks to my wife Katie Stevens who helped me lug camera gear into place in the wee morning hours and to Hussain Pirani for helping remotely to write and co-produce.

Check out the BTS about how we made the film over at FILM RIOT - https://youtu.be/0pCYATqjgr0


Production Company - TDM

Director / DP - Joe Simon

Story - Joe Simon / Hussain Pirani

Written by - Hussain Pirani

Producers - Joe Simon / Hussain Pirani

Staring - Joe Simon / Katie Stevens

Colorist - Cullen Kelly

VFX Production - Film Riot

VFX Artist - Ryan J Thompson

Title Design - Aron Hoag

CG Short