Aldi Vitaminis - Making of


Check out what we did to make these crazy characters!


When asked to create the new spot for Aldi's Vitaminis we immediately got excited. An animation with 8 characters seemed like an awesome case to us.


Our main challenge was to make sure that all of the different characters got their own personality. That way our animators had a clear direction per character. We gave them the freedom to really get the most out of those personas and that shows in the final animation.

Visual style

We wanted to create a visual style that we hadn't done before. Therefore we've spent a fair amount of time in the beginning of the process to develop a nice look and feel that we felt fit the story and characters. Because the original key-visual of Aldi's Vitaminis had a 2D background we came up with the idea of pushing that a little further and come up with a 3D style that would have the same majestical feel to it.


Around the tv-spot there was a lot more content created to really put these stuffed animals out there. You can check out the dedicated website at vitaminis.ch. We only created the content for the TV spot.


Animation: Colorbleed

Agency: WPS

Brand: Aldi


Gijs van Kooten

Tashina van Zwam

Charlotte Piogé

Tom Keijer

Look development

Tom Hankins

Tashina van Zwam

Charlotte Piogé

Gijs van Kooten

Tom Keijer


Richard Maegaki

Animation director

Roy Nieterau


Danny Vos

Robbin van den Broek

Tim van Dulmen

Lighting / Rendering / Compositing

Tom Hankins

Charlotte Piogé

Tashina van Zwam

Creative producer

Sven Stroomberg

CG Adv - Making Of
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