GOOD BOOKS: "We Need To Talk About Alice"


(See all the process, character design, style frames, at http://www.plenty.tv/work/good-books-we-need-to-talk-about-alice )

"We need to talk about Alice" was commissioned by New Zealand based agency String Theory and created to be part of Good Books' "Great Writers Series," a collection of short films made to promote the non profit organization (www.gogoodbooks.com) which is an online charity book store that sells book and donates all proceeds to Oxfam, an organization that fights hunger and poverty since 1995.

In the last few years, a select group of directors have donated their time and knowledge to create animated shorts based on renowned literary works and authors to promote this charity. In 2012, Buck launched the amazing "Metamorphosis", a tribute to author Hunter S. Thompson. Then came "Havana Heat" in 2013, a sensual animation produced by renowned duo McBess and Simon from The Mill.

Plenty had the honor of creating the third a 2:30 minute short film for Good Books based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" to commemorate the book's 150th anniversary.

After a lot of dedication, hard work and passion for what we do, it's our pleasure to introduce "We need to talk about Alice"

We'll be posting more about the project soon! We have a 5 minute breakdown where you'll be able to see the whole process for this amazing adventure we embarked in! A lot of process stills, extra content and some magical gifs!

We hope you love it! We were honored to be a part of a series of shorts that will leave a mark in the history of motion graphics.


Directed & Produced by Plenty.

Creative Director: Mariano Farías.

Executive Producer: Inés Palmas.

Creative Development: Mariano Farías & Pablo Alfieri

Animation Director: Mariano Farías

Art Director: Elda Broglio

Producer: César Morán Mazo

Concept by: String Theory

E.C.D.: Jeremy Taine

Writers: Devon Wood & Jeremy Taine

Music & Sound Design: Liquid Studios

Music Composer: Peter van der Fluit & Liquid Studios

Storyboard & Animatic: Claudio Iriarte & Mariano Farías

Character Design: Elda Broglio, Claudio Iriarte & German Merlo

Production Design: Elda Broglio, Carolina Carballo & Eugenia Mello

Background Design: Eugenia Mello & Elda Broglio

Books Covers Design: Pablo Alfieri

3D Modelling: Juan Martín Miyagi, Matías Fernandez, Juan Pablo Fernandez , Benjamín Jagusieczko & Natalia Urrutia

Scripting: Agustín Schilling & Ago Carrera

CG Supervisor, 3D Technical Direction and FX: Agustín Schilling

Character Rigging: Germán Merlo, Agustín Schilling, Benjamín Jagusieczko, Ramiro Tell & Guillermo Comoli

Skin Fixing: Agustín Schilling, German Merlo & Nicolás Mandelman

3D Character Animation: Mauro Serei, Pablo Lorenzo, Laura Lempert & German Merlo

3D Animation: German Merlo, Mariano Farías & Hernán Estevez

2D Animation & Transitions: Germán Merlo, Mau Lencinas , Sergio Slepczuk, Hernán Estevez & Mariano Farías

Animation Consulting: Federico Radero

Painting & Texturing: Carolina Carballo, Elda Broglio, Benjamín Jagusieczko & Eugenia Mello

Shading: Ago Carrera

Lead Lighter: Ago Carrera

Lighting: Ago Carrera, Benjamín Jagusieczko, Juan Casale, Natalia Urrutia & Matias Mastrogiano

3D Rendering: Ago Carrera, Benjamín Jagusiecsko & Agustín Schilling

Lead VFX & 2D Technical Direction: Matías Mastrogiano

Compositors: Matías Mastrogiano & Nicolás Holodovsky, Benjamín Jagusiecsko, Milena Girini & Edgardo Osornio

Edition & Montage: Mariano Farías

Live Action Actors Coach:: Valeria Grossi

Live Action Casting Camera: Sandra Grossi


Alice: Catalina Alexander

Mad Hatter: Julián Puchetta

White Rabbit & Rose: Karina Hernandez

VO Presenter: Michael Hurst

Voice Over Artists

Alice: Brie Ana Hill

Mad Hatter: Syd Jackson

Lady Rose: Tania Anderson

White Rabbit: Ian Hughes

Cheshire Cat: Michael Hurst

Special Thanks: Jelly London, Alín Bosnoyan, Mariela Fabregas, Sam McManus & Eduardo Graña

CG Short
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