Black Holes I Official trailer (Sundance 2017)


Teaser for 'Black Holes', a CGI short selected at #Sundance2017 & proof of concept for an adult animated sitcom // Dir. David and Laurent Nicolas. Find out more:

The originality of Black Holes also comes from its star-studded soundtrack. Several artists including Flying Lotus, Sebastian and Pépé Bradock have put together a stellar OST, and Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo) has worked on the sound design. These unique collaborations are the fruit of long-term friendships between the creators of Black Holes and each of these musical artists and reflect the community spirit that brought the series forth.

Created by David Nicolas

Directed by David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas & Kevos Van Der Meiren

Written by David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas & Lola Delon

Voices by Conrad Vernon, William Fichtner, Steve Little, Lola Delon, David Nicolas, Jon Amirkhan, Michael Tomassetti

Music by Flying Lotus, Sebastian, Pépé Bradock, Dennis Hamm & Lola Delon

CGI by David Nicolas, Sylvain Pellodi and Patrick Bonneau

Sound by Will Files, Quentin Dupieux, Robby Stambler, Gadou Naudin, Louis Naudin

Produced by Kevos Van Der Meiren & David Nicolas

Production: Noodles, Meat Dept.

Coproduction: Machine Molle

Teaser by Florent Colignon

CG Short