The making of “Homage to Skyfall title sequence” Edited by G-Ryun Kim


자이언트스텝에서 일하면서 여러 능력있는 분들과 일할 기회가 많았습니다.

그 중 가장 좋았던 작업은 역시 이희복감독님과 함께한 "Skyfall 오마주 타이틀 시퀀스" 였습니다.

이 영상은 스카이폴 타이틀 시퀀스 중 제 파트만 모아둔 메이킹 영상입니다.

재밌게 봐주세요. 어떠한 댓글이던지 환영하겠습니다 감사합니다~!

I've have really great chances to work awesome artworks with lots of talented people in Giantstep.

One of the greatest work was definitely "Homeage to Skyfall Title Sequecen" with Heebok lee Director.

This video is My version "Making of Skyfall Title sequence".

It contains how to make skyfall Title sequence especially in my parts.

Enjoy it and welcome any comments.


There is also original making of version below.

Homage to "Skyfall" title sequence can be seen here.

Creative Director / Heebok Lee

‘Making of’ video edited by Heebok Lee and G-Ryun Kim Version

Edited by G-Ryun Kim

Soundtrack by Airdrome (Save Martin Remix)

Motion Graphics - Making Of
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