VFX Breakdown of We Are The Rest of Us for SafeAuto Insurance

We Are The Rest Of Us shows us a tongue-in-cheek version of how SafeAuto Insurance speaks to the 99%.

In a great collaboration with agency Joan and director Nalle Sjöblad, we were briefed to turn a few hundred extras in Uruguay into thousands of rioting people in a US city.


Agency: Joan Creative
Executive Creative Director: Dan Lucey
Copywriter: Bryce Hooton
CSO: Magnus Blair
Strategist: Hannah Lewman
Head of Production: Daniel Marin
Executive Producer: Melissa Tifrere
Director of Creative Services: Becca Patrick
Production Company: Spark & Riot
Director: Nalle Sjöblad
Editorial: Mack Cut
Editor: Nick Divers
Sound Designer: Sam Schaffer
Music: Duotonec
Colorist: Tom Poole
VFX: Ambassadors
Executive Producer: Katya Meyer
VFX Supervisor: Sil Bulterman
VFX Artists: Sil Bulterman, Inti Martinez, Peter van Rij
CG Adv - Making Of