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  • 01:34 Popular Realistic 3d birds animation

    Realistic 3d birds animation

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    Full cg japanese red crown cranes dancing in bamboo forest. Revolution studio. Moscow. Maya / Max / V-ray / ornatrix / speedtree / ae Music: LSA - Vibrations

  • 01:31 Popular Lipton Extra Strong vfx Breakdown

    Lipton Extra Strong vfx Breakdown

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    Monkeys worked on several visual effects shots for Lipton extra strong TV commercial to achieve stunt tricks watch the full ad here https://vimeo.com/190542048

  • 00:22 Popular Dolce Easter 2016 TV commercial

    Dolce Easter 2016 TV commercial

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  • 01:33 Labanita_tvc_breakdown_ramadan_2016


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    Monkeys worked on animating cgi characters and integrating them to live action footage for Labanita milk TV commercial

  • 00:07 Popular Simulation of falling grapes

    Simulation of falling grapes

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    Short animation created by RIOdepost. I was responsible for texturing, shading, scene setup and rendering. Soft: Cinema 4d, Houdini, Octane. - render time: 15min per frame (2x980ti) - 6k sampling. - grapes simulation: FEM solver - 1,5h simulation time - w

  • 00:30 Popular NJIE


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    TV commercial for NJIE. Milkshakes, protein pudding, aloe vera drinks and sparkling vitamin drinks.

  • 00:34 Popular BMW 'The Wave' waterfall section breakdown

    BMW 'The Wave' waterfall section breakdown

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    Tiny breakdown of the two shots for the waterfall section - see full spot here https://vimeo.com/145996615 Music by Playdis with Georg Von Dem Bussche/ Raife

  • 01:00 Popular BMW X1 'The Wave' Dir cut

    BMW X1 'The Wave' Dir cut

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    Here is my latest collaboration with Time Based Arts and director Sebastian Strasser, this time for an epic BMW spot. I looked after the entire waterfall section of the commercial, animating, rendering and compositing the mountains, trees and waterfalls.

  • 00:47 Popular Lighting and Shading. Maya, Arnold: World of Tanks

    Lighting and Shading. Maya, Arnold: World of Tanks

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    Two shots for the World of Tanks: All Platforms game trailer. RealtimeUK. Lighting, shading and effects, dynamics and simulation. Maya, rendered with Arnold. Full trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RgsaqQgDV8

  • 03:17 Popular Mercedes-Benz Making Of

    Mercedes-Benz Making Of

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  • 00:48 Popular MackeVision_Toyota_Auris_MiniMakingOf


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    Once again I had the pleasure to work with the talented folks at MackeVision. This time for a new Toyota Auris spot. While the final comps are subtle I handled all athmospherics using FumeFX, AfterBurn and Krakatoa.

  • 01:09 Popular Bifrost Viscosity Tests

    Bifrost Viscosity Tests

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    Maya Bifrost Viscosity Tests using the new viscosity model implemented in Maya 2016 Extension 2. Render with Redshift for Maya.

  • 00:58 Popular Rigid Spheres in Bi-Directional Flow through Circle-Inversion (Houdini, Bullet)

    Rigid Spheres in Bi-Directional Flow through Circle-Inversion (Houdini, Bullet)

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    The initial state was a disc of evenly spaced points, these points become spheres, locked to a Y=0 'ground' plane in a rigid-body simulation using Bullet in Houdini. This essentially treats the spheres as simpler 2d colliding circles. Forces are applied t

  • 02:52 Popular BOT Montage 2016

    BOT Montage 2016

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    3D - 2D - Motion Graphics - Visuals - Packshots Music: I Melt with you by Modern English.

  • 01:00 Popular Sky - Sky Q

    Sky - Sky Q

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    The Mill took CG liquids to a new level, teaming up with Brothers & Sisters and Director Johnny Green out of Biscuit to bring Sky’s new explosive and visually epic campaign to life. Learn more: http://www.themill.com/portfolio/2736/sky-q- Follow

  • 00:30 Popular KSIĄŻĘCE Gold Wheat

    KSIĄŻĘCE Gold Wheat

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    Agency: HAVAS Worldwide Warsaw Art Director: Tomek Nowak, Magda Korzyńska Production house: Oto Studio filmowe Postproduction house: Platige Image Director: Nicolas Salis Producer: Marta Herbst CG Supervisor: Marcin Filipek Concept: Damian Bajowski, Marci