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  • 03:35 Popular OFF


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    "OFF" A Full CGI Graduation Film by Martin Nabelek "This atmospheric short will leave you contemplating just what awaits us as we venture beyond our own small world. What strange journeys lie in store, and what piece will humankind add to the grand design

  • 05:45 Popular VIY - the main VFX scene

    VIY - the main VFX scene

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    This is the main VFX sequence in the movie "VIY". All creatures animation and visual effects in this sequence was done by Asymmetric VFX Studio in 2013

  • 08:31 Popular Edgar Wright and the Art of Close-Ups

    Edgar Wright and the Art of Close-Ups

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    Edgar Wright explores the art of close-ups with David Chen from http://www.slashfilm.com and http://www.davechen.net. Be sure to buy Edgar Wright's newest film, "At World's End" on Blu-Ray and VOD: http://www.amazon.com/The-Worlds-Blu-ray-Digital-UltraVio

  • 05:14 Popular Pour une Pepite de Plus - LE FILM

    Pour une Pepite de Plus - LE FILM

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    Pour une Pepite de Plus... / For a Gold Nugget More... Directors : Antoine Kinget & Remi Parisse Music : Amaury Faivre Sound : Anthony Belard & Matthieu Autin Editing : Nicolas Larrouquere Take a look at the Making of >>> http://vimeo.com/remiparisse/pepi

  • 00:30 Popular Indeed.com - How Animation Works

    Indeed.com - How Animation Works

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    "How Animation Works" Client: Indeed.com Agency: Mullen Lowe US Awards: 2015 Clio Awards - Short List for Film - Commercials (between thirty [30] seconds and sixty [60] seconds) Watch the full short here: https://vimeo.com/105788896 Spot Credits: Producti

  • 03:00 Popular Durak (Stop) - 2014 (Animated Short Film)

    Durak (Stop) - 2014 (Animated Short Film)

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    Director: Serdar Çotuk - Buğra Uğur Sofu ENG - In a broken corner of the world, while waiting at a bus stop people encounters the creature that causes the strange events. TR - Dünyanın bozuk bir köşesindeki bir otobüs durağında bekleyen insanlar, duraktak

  • 03:31 Popular The Simpsons movie references

    The Simpsons movie references

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    The Simpsons' tribute to Film industry. Here's some of the many tributes that The Simpsons' have paid to Cinema. Along their 27 seasons this mythic tv show has used as reference movies from famous directors such as: Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Fran

  • 05:56 Popular From the hoop

    From the hoop

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    From the hoop is a short 3D movie directed by 3 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008. Meet Earl fleeing through Harlem while he seeks for his life. http://www.fromthehoop.com The story is widely inspired by the life of Earl Manigault, one of the greatest

  • 07:36 Popular Two Worlds - 3D animated short film

    Two Worlds - 3D animated short film

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    Finding hope in the bleakest of moments. Two Worlds is a 3D animated short film by Andy Lefton that has evolved over many years with production taking approximately 5 years, when time permitted. Two Worlds is a short story about two opposites coming toget

  • 10:38 Popular Le Gouffre

    Le Gouffre

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    An inspiring tale about friendship, sacrifice and conquering the impossible. www.legouffre.com Interested in supporting us and our next projects? Here's how you can help! http://legouffre.com/support/ Curious about how we made the film? Watch our Making-O

  • 08:10 Popular Bet She'an

    Bet She'an

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    "In the city of Bet She'an, where mankind is progressively morphing into crows, a sculptor decides to leave a trace of this dwindling humanity" "Dans la citadelle de de Bet She'an où les hommes se transforment progressivement en corbeaux, un sculpt

  • 06:26 Popular R´ha [short movie]

    R´ha [short movie]

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    Support the film on KICKSTARTER: http://kck.st/200cxBg Written - directed - animated by Kaleb Lechowski (C) Kaleb Lechowski http://kaleblechowski.tumblr.com Hartmut Zeller - Sound http://www.hartmutzeller.de Dave Masterson - Voice acting http://www.imdb.c

  • 06:54 Popular A fox tale

    A fox tale

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    Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma. Music by Guy-Roger Duvert Sound Design by: Nicolas Titeux WWW.AFOXTALEMOVIE.COM Feel free to react on : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1064016 _______________

  • 06:35 Popular TADUFEU - ESMA 2011

    TADUFEU - ESMA 2011

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    http://tadufeu-lefilm.com/ A pack of "Cromags" obtains fire without knowing how to make it. The "Neandert" family is cold. The father sees a smoke in the distance and decides to go... Tadufeu is a short film directed by : Mickaël Bellamy (character m

  • 05:22 Popular LITTLE TOMBSTONE - ESMA 2011


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    http://little-tombstone.com/ Dans une petite ville du Far-West deux cowboys, le Bon et la Brute, se défient en duel. Le Croque-mort va suivre l'affrontement avec intérêt... In a small town in the Far-West, the Good and the Bad, challen

  • 08:42 Popular ELECTROSHOCK - ESMA 2011


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    http://www.facebook.com/Electroshockmovie Directed by Hugo JACKSON, Pascal CHANDELIER, Valentin MICHEL, Bastien MORTELECQUE and Elliot MAREN. With the voices of Christophe LEMOINE, Ariane AGGIAGE, Michel VIGNE, Laetitia BARBARA, Philipe PEYTHIEU and V&eac