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  • 02:00 Deutsche Telekom "SEA HERO QUEST"

    Deutsche Telekom "SEA HERO QUEST"

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    Take a look at the last commercial produced by BUF! Director: Bibo Bergeron Producer: Buf (Paris) Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi (London) http://buf.com/commercials This 3D animated film is about a Sea Explorer who slowly loses his memories of past sea voy

  • 00:53 Popular Volkswagen Amarok Full CG

    Volkswagen Amarok Full CG

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    Our very first FULL CG production for the all new VW Amarok. The environment was build from scratch, from concept & design to the look & feel and the final production ready asset! We used Maya with Vray, Zbrush for highres details and Mari for tex

  • 00:30 Popular Heinz inventing appetite!

    Heinz inventing appetite!

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    This advertisement for Heinz was turned around at a really fast pace. From brief to pitch to production, it must have been about 5 weeks in total. The initial script was really twisted and intriguing in a good way. To tell a classic garden of eden story w

  • 00:45 Samsung SDcard

    Samsung SDcard

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    Agency : Cheil Communications Production Company : Museum Director : Lee Jong Min 2D Artists : Jang Kang Ki, Kim Jae Hoon, Yoo Su Kang 3D Artists : Yoo Ban Seok, Lee Min Woo, Lee Jun Hee, Yoon Jeong Seok, Jeong Joong Hwan Art : Park Il Jun, Lee Jeong Yeon

  • 01:04 Media Press spot

    Media Press spot

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    A spot for Media Press :) All 3D - Lightwave 11.6.3, post: AFX CS5

  • 06:45 Popular LightWave 3D - Premiere of Richard Mans' short film "Abiogenesis"

    LightWave 3D - Premiere of Richard Mans' short film "Abiogenesis"

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    The LightWave 3D Group would like to present the first online showing of Richard Mans' "Abiogenesis" in its entirety.

  • 00:52 QuitSmoking.com - Behind the Scenes

    QuitSmoking.com - Behind the Scenes

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    A quick behind the Scenes look at the QuitSmoking "Kill the Habit" and "Drop the Habit" spots.

  • 00:30 QuitSmoking.com - Drop the Habit

    QuitSmoking.com - Drop the Habit

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    Some production stills at: http://www.makevisual.com/uploads/_pages/QuitSmoking.php

  • 00:30 QuitSmoking.com - Kill the Habit

    QuitSmoking.com - Kill the Habit

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    Some production stills at: http://www.makevisual.com/uploads/_pages/QuitSmoking.php

  • 01:00 Rethink possible - At&t

    Rethink possible - At&t

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    Réalisateur : Jon Saunders

  • 01:00 Tooheys Extra Dry - Nocturnal Migration

    Tooheys Extra Dry - Nocturnal Migration

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    They're coming,..... Directed by Garth Davis, creative by BMF, visual effects by the crew at Alt.VFX. altvfx.com exit.com.au bmf.com.au

  • 00:30 Popular Optus "Australian Open 2012" | Commercial

    Optus "Australian Open 2012" | Commercial

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    Agency : M&C Saatchi Creative Director : Andy Flemming Agency Producer : Christina Wilmot Production : Rods Films Paris / Paranoid US via The Feds Director : Thierry Poiraud Producer : Alexandre Richardot The Feds : Karen Watson Post Production : BUF

  • 00:35 Popular Graubünden Tourismus "Der perfekte Moment" - 1080p

    Graubünden Tourismus "Der perfekte Moment" - 1080p

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    Client - Graubünden Tourismus Agency - Jung von Matt Limmat Creative Direction - Samuel Christ Text - Mateo Sacchetti Art Direction - Lukas Frischknecht Production - Elefant Studios Producer - Marco Fischer VFX-Supervisor - Miklos Kozary CG-Superviso

  • 00:30 Popular Graubünden Tourismus Meteo "Lueg" - 720p

    Graubünden Tourismus Meteo "Lueg" - 720p

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    Just in time for the winter season, another episode of the two popular ibex of Graubünden, Giachen and Gian was released. In this episode, the two ibex are mocking the Swiss from the lower country and have a go at modern transmission techniques. Cred

  • 00:59 NAIVE - CURING


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    An all 3D commercial made for GE by Acne/TBWA. Client: General Electric China Agency: ACNE production for TBWA Director: Naive Project Manager: Lotta Grahn CG-supervisor: Linus Kullman Modeling: Anders Törnqvist & Steve Woodruff Lookdev & Ren

  • 02:14 Fotoshop by Adobé

    Fotoshop by Adobé

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    This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty. If you liked this vid, please leave a tip in the jar! twitter.com/JesseRosten