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  • 00:15 Popular NODE Fest Ident | Intergalactic Mushrooms

    NODE Fest Ident | Intergalactic Mushrooms

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    This is my entry for the 2017 NODE Fest Ident competition, I made it with Cinema 4D, Octane Render and After Effects. Here's a making-of video: https://vimeo.com/228551143 I had fun making it, I hope you enjoy watching it! You can view all the idents ente

  • 00:08 Popular General Lee - Loop

    General Lee - Loop

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  • 00:26 Popular "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

    "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

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    The Breakdown of a personal project "The Nature". Rendered in RedShift3D for Cinema4D,Check the full details in Behance! https://www.behance.net/gallery/51054157/The-Nature-by-MesHQ

  • 00:17 Popular The Nature by MesHQ

    The Nature by MesHQ

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    Personal project,with testing and enjoying the Redshift for Cinema 4D! Check the full project with more details on Behance! https://www.behance.net/gallery/51054157/The-Nature-by-MesHQ

  • 01:18 Popular Kaspersky Lab - Enterprise Cybersecurity Movie

    Kaspersky Lab - Enterprise Cybersecurity Movie

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    We created full CG movie for Kaspersky Lab enterprise solutions. Inspired by such films as ‘Matrix’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and other works in cyberpunk style, we visualized the concepts of cybersecurity i

  • 00:15 Popular FX Networks | The Americans: Web of Lies | Season 5 Teaser

    FX Networks | The Americans: Web of Lies | Season 5 Teaser

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    Mill+ worked with FX Networks and FX Design to create ‘Web of Lies’, a teaser for Season 5 of The Americans that draws on the intense, mysterious themes of the acclaimed drama. Created in Cinema 4D, the animation brilliantly emphasizes the com

  • 00:38 Popular Reebok - Print Smooth

    Reebok - Print Smooth

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    Launch film for Reebok Print Smooth showing various features of the shoe. Music by UranGBG

  • 01:51 Popular Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017 | 3D Tracks  - BREAKDOWN

    Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017 | 3D Tracks - BREAKDOWN

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    Breakdown of my big project in winter 2016 / 2017. Red Bull Crashed Ice is an Ice skating downhill race competition. The client needed to demonstrate the track and its features and all of that even before the real track was standing. The biggest challenge

  • 03:15 Popular VOID


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    Void is a meditation on the psychology of the creative mind and the choices we face when we create. Originally a labour of love, then shelved as a horrible failure and now reborn as an odd remix of old and new. It has been an ongoing project for almost 3

  • 01:10 Popular INVICTUS


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    INVICTUS paints an analogous surreal dark world based on the popular poem by W.E. Henley. The dominant soul of humanity brought to life through the collective history of elephants under rule, all while the circus and its' morbitity is the embodiment of li

  • 01:08 Popular The Idea Machine - Short Film

    The Idea Machine - Short Film

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    This is our idea machine, our little place in the desert. At the beginning of the year we were asked by the lovely peeps at DIGIMANIA to create a short motion graphic section for their reel based around the concept of an 'Idea Machine'. We later expanded

  • 00:21 Popular Black Rock - Behind the scenes

    Black Rock - Behind the scenes

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    Work produced at Brand New School, LA My Role: Car rigging, Paper Transitions Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing

  • 00:22 Popular Black Rock

    Black Rock

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    Work produced at Brand New School, LA (www.brandnewschool.com) My role: Car rigging, paper transition animations, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing Behind the scenes (https://vimeo.com/76393693)

  • 03:29 Popular Seed


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    Seed is a free project that we did to try out ideas and techniques. And to have an excuse for commiting to the craziest of all entries on the brainstorming flip chart. A big Thank You! goes out to Maxon for their tremendous support. More background info o

  • 34:28 Popular DROPLETS - making of

    DROPLETS - making of

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    This is a little breakdown of my film DROPLETS (vimeo.com/simonfiedler/droplets). It's very chaotic, not well prepared and i had a cough. Sorry for that. But i hope you like it. If you have any questions, just write it in the comments. Thanks for all the

  • 02:45 Popular DROPLETS


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    DROPLETS This is my graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. DROPLETS is a movie about ideas. But it’s mostly a movie about the feelings, when you have no idea. Oppression, disorientation and fear can be paralyzing, but are ofte