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  • 01:42 Popular PolyWorld - Low Poly Animation (Episode I)

    PolyWorld - Low Poly Animation (Episode I)

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    SECOND EPISODE: vimeo.com/164586285 THIRD EPISODE: https://vimeo.com/207863112 PolyWorld is a personal 3D animation project that tells the story of a low-poly-style world inhabited by different kind of living beings. There are three episodes in total, and

  • 02:20 Popular Güveç


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    A strange forest creature trying to find his own place on the food cycle. It took a month to complete. Modelled,rigged and animated in maya, and detailed and painted with z-brush. Rendered with mental ray. Composited in fusion and after effects. Backgroun

  • 01:00 Popular Back to the Future - Hoverboard Factory

    Back to the Future - Hoverboard Factory

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    A short 3D isometric animation to celebrate the arrival of Marty McFly from the past on Wednesday 21st October 2015.

  • 01:07 Popular Star Wars London - VFX breakdown

    Star Wars London - VFX breakdown

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    A VFX breakdown of a video I made at Scorch London to celebrate the new Star Wars film and premiere. link to the full video - https://vimeo.com/149039384

  • 00:40 Popular Madrid Destroyed - VFX Breakdown

    Madrid Destroyed - VFX Breakdown

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    Madrid Destroyed - VFX Breakdown

  • 01:04 Popular Researcher / First Trailer / Sci-fi short movie

    Researcher / First Trailer / Sci-fi short movie

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    We are so proud to present you the first trailer of our sci-fi short movie "Researcher". This project has already taken two years and a half. So now it's such a great experience for each member of our small crew. It was so difficult to find out which styl

  • 00:41 Popular Instagram R&D

    Instagram R&D

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    A little edit of some recent R&D posted on Instagram. Go and take a look.....! https://www.instagram.com/markwarnertv/ For showreels, please see: http://www.markwarner.tv https://twitter.com/markWarnerTV

  • 02:21 Popular 6 FEET

    6 FEET

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    If you ever had a pet you must know what it's like. The special connection between you and your loved one. This story is about that unique bond. It is based on my own personal experience. This short film was created using Blender and the post production w

  • 01:24 Popular Voltige


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    Here's my third year movie at Mopa, Enjoy ! The theme of this year was the garage. Soft used : 3dsMax, Zbrush, Vray, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop

  • 01:10 Popular INVICTUS


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    INVICTUS paints an analogous surreal dark world based on the popular poem by W.E. Henley. The dominant soul of humanity brought to life through the collective history of elephants under rule, all while the circus and its' morbitity is the embodiment of li

  • 00:10 Popular Neurotransmitters and Action Potentials

    Neurotransmitters and Action Potentials

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    An animated depiction of neurotransmitters being fired across the synaptic cleft, with action potentials traveling along the adjoining axons. Modeled, textured and animated in MODO 801; post-render effects added in After Effects CS6.

  • 01:08 Popular The Idea Machine - Short Film

    The Idea Machine - Short Film

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    This is our idea machine, our little place in the desert. At the beginning of the year we were asked by the lovely peeps at DIGIMANIA to create a short motion graphic section for their reel based around the concept of an 'Idea Machine'. We later expanded

  • 01:04 Popular Media Press spot

    Media Press spot

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    A spot for Media Press :) All 3D - Lightwave 11.6.3, post: AFX CS5

  • 05:48 Popular Where Are They Now?

    Where Are They Now?

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    A short story looking at the life of cartoon characters facing reality long after their heyday prime. Animation created in After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and a bit of CrazyTalk pro 7. All voices created by myself. Music by Kevin MacLeod "Gymnopedie No. 1

  • 34:28 Popular DROPLETS - making of

    DROPLETS - making of

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    This is a little breakdown of my film DROPLETS (vimeo.com/simonfiedler/droplets). It's very chaotic, not well prepared and i had a cough. Sorry for that. But i hope you like it. If you have any questions, just write it in the comments. Thanks for all the

  • 02:45 Popular DROPLETS


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    DROPLETS This is my graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. DROPLETS is a movie about ideas. But it’s mostly a movie about the feelings, when you have no idea. Oppression, disorientation and fear can be paralyzing, but are ofte