CG Still - Making Of

  • 01:58 Man in the High Castle - Matte Painting breakdown

    Man in the High Castle - Matte Painting breakdown

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    Matte Painting breakdown for some of the shots i worked on recently for season 3. VFX and final comp by Barnstorm VFX Music: Dominic Lewis www.marcoiozzi.com

  • 1:00:06 The Cliff - Making Of

    The Cliff - Making Of

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    timelapse workflow of one of the concept art / illustration piece i prepared for Halcyon, a short story pitch by Hubert Daniel @ Blur Studio more @ marcoiozzi.com

  • 01:09 The making of Clay Maker

    The making of Clay Maker

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    After winning the Humster3D car competition 2017 I deciding to do a "making of" video to give a little bit more detail on the project. 3dsMax 2018 Vray RT and Vray ADV Photoshop Working here at Triad enabled me to create this image. Here is a link to Tria

  • 06:09 Popular The Beach - 3d lanscape terrain displace timelapse

    The Beach - 3d lanscape terrain displace timelapse

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    4 hours in the making, the power of procedural real time generation terrain in Lightwave. free trial at: https://www.lightwave3d.com/

  • 00:57 Old Spice Build

    Old Spice Build

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    This super suave "spokesbeaver" was created to help promote Old Spice’s new "Fresher Collection”. US based photographer Zachary Scott commissioned CEA to composite this hyper-idyllic landscape background from a variety of stock images. Zack di

  • 00:28 Alcatel Build

    Alcatel Build

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    Our previous Sharpe + Associates NY rep Annika Vogt invited us onto this project to work with her photographer, the incredible Jimmy Marble. This campaign features talent experiencing Virtual Reality in home environments via their Alcatel devices. CEA cre

  • 00:07 Giraffe Up a Tree Build.

    Giraffe Up a Tree Build.

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  • 00:30 Popular Mars Planet Build

    Mars Planet Build

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    BTS build on CGI brief for Mars. CGI chocky, caramel and nougat with detailed finessing in photoshop. Exploding with taste appeal! Agency: Creaytive Melbourne | ECD: Chris Reay

  • 35:37 Popular Machines - Concept - Making Of

    Machines - Concept - Making Of

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    Concept Art Timelapse making of Vue - Maya - Photoshop Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqYJ6LX_5us marcoiozzi.com instagram @marcoiozzi

  • 00:17 Popular Full CGI Breakdown Showreel

    Full CGI Breakdown Showreel

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  • 05:39 Popular Making of CastlePike

    Making of CastlePike

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    Décomposition par calques et masques sous Photoshop, à peu près selon l'ordre de la construction du matte painting.

  • 00:21 Popular Sugar Hit Breakdown

    Sugar Hit Breakdown

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    "Sugar Hit" is one of our original ideas that we like the most! In this quick post production breakdown, you can see the step by step to put photography and the CGI elements together in one image! To know more about this and other works, visit Lightfarm's

  • 05:08 Popular Drunk Aliens - Making of

    Drunk Aliens - Making of

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    This is a personal project created by one of our artists, Rafael Vallaperde. It was awarded the 'Best Modelling' gold medal in the annual 'CG Society' competition, regarded as the 'Oscars' for digital artists.

  • 00:25 Popular Breakdown Jeep Night Eagle

    Breakdown Jeep Night Eagle

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    Vocês pedem, a gente faz! Dá um confere no passo a passo da pós-produção para compor uma atmosfera misteriosa e depois integrá-la ao Jeep Renegade, 100% modelado em 3D usando CINEMA 4D e renderizado no Octane.

  • 00:40 Popular Steampunk Minion Build

    Steampunk Minion Build

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  • 00:21 Popular Schick Free Your skin

    Schick Free Your skin

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    We loved the concept of this brief & knew it had the potential to look amazing. Several test comps were done initially to explore the size, type, colour & position of the animal. We settled on a mixture of ferrets for the limbs, face & tail &a