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  • 01:01 Watership Chase - making of

    Watership Chase - making of

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    These two lonely rabbits are looking for escape. Help them find way out from this muddle! Project created in Maya, rendered with Arnold, ZBrush for sculpting. I also used Mari, Nuke and Photoshop for composition. Thanks for watching. Art Director & 3d

  • 03:55 翼次方 燃爆网络班女性案例online class

    翼次方 燃爆网络班女性案例online class

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  • 01:16 6088AD Breakdown

    6088AD Breakdown

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    Breakdown of the 6088AD Series you can find here: https://zomax.net/gallery/6088ad/ Scene & Tutorial: https://gum.co/HRJED A huge shoutout and thank you to all my friends who supported me over the course of this project, you kept me sane (for the most

  • 10:26 3D Scan to Final Render Workflow Time-Lapse

    3D Scan to Final Render Workflow Time-Lapse

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    The video below represents around 11 hours of work compressed into a 10-minute video. All the scans and scene files are available to purchase on our store using the link below. https://goo.gl/GNbEry

  • 01:10 coloring cartoon cat

    coloring cartoon cat

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  • 02:13 The making of FORBES WOMAN campaign

    The making of FORBES WOMAN campaign

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    This is a bit of our process creating the images for the FORBES WOMAN campaign by Ogilvy Brasil! It won 2 Gold lions (including gold in the illustration category) and 2 short lists in Cannes this year. We used CGI to create the female versions of Bill Gat

  • 00:18 FOOD BATTLE


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    Projeto autoral 3D, desenvolvido no estúdio Inspiratório. Música original por Fernando Canedo Gravado no Data Estelar Estúdios

  • 13:27 Modeling Dijard of Delura

    Modeling Dijard of Delura

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    Modeling in LightWave3D, sculpting ZBrush. =) Native Render (c) Alexander Vasilkov, 2017 http://www.alxsfx.com

  • 06:17 Making of  "Bottles of life"

    Making of "Bottles of life"

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    Hi Guys, After spending several months on Substance Painter with powerful abilities to make detailed textures, besides my enthusiasm for Digital lighting, I decided to create an artwork with a combination of these two important factors, together. If you l

  • 01:31 Replica picture I. I. Shishkin "Rye" (year 1878)

    Replica picture I. I. Shishkin "Rye" (year 1878)

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    I bring to your attention my latest work. It is a replica on the picture "Rye" of the great artist I. I. Shishkin (25.01.1832 - 20.03.1898) All greenery in this work is created individually. There is not a single library element here.

  • 24:12 Cute but Dangerous - Timelapse

    Cute but Dangerous - Timelapse

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    Here is a rough timelapse of my "cute but dangerous" artwork for week 70 of the #weeklyCGC. Some parts are missing (like where I modeled the sword) sorry about that :3 Music is mostly from NCS, and a couple of old Shadows songs at the end. Enjoy :)

  • 05:25 A Struck Of Luck - Time lapse

    A Struck Of Luck - Time lapse

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    A stroke of luck or a gift from God The hand of fate or devil's claws A small timelapse of the girl I modeled last year and the image I did a couple of months ago. Model in Maya and rendered in FurryBall 3 by GPU. Background and touch ups in Photoshop. Mu

  • 01:48 Popular Breakdown of Nanjin road 20-509

    Breakdown of Nanjin road 20-509

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    The full "makingof" will be available on my behance page as usual :) http://www.behance.net/ekho

  • 05:49 Popular Spiderman Lighting-Phase

    Spiderman Lighting-Phase

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    Final İmages... https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3eRwJ This work was made for two people. Modeling by Sedat Açıklar, Lighting and Rendering is mine (Volkan Kaçar) I hope your will like it. Enjoy

  • 00:50 Popular Frozen X-WING : Making Of

    Frozen X-WING : Making Of

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    A short behind the scenes video, showing how I've built in Houdini, Mantra and AE, the image "FROZEN X-WING". I hope you will enjoy it ! Thanks for watching ! Music : Angry Ophelia's Song (ft. Musetta) by DonnieDrost Don't forget to suscribe to the facebo

  • 00:38 The Grand Tour Compositing Breakdown

    The Grand Tour Compositing Breakdown

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    A visual breakdown of the compositing process for The Grand Tour. For RenderMan Compositing training, please visit the RenderMan community site. https://community.renderman.pixar.com/article/1289/the-grand-tour-compositing.html?l=t