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  • 00:21 Sugar Hit Breakdown

    Sugar Hit Breakdown

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    "Sugar Hit" is one of our original ideas that we like the most! In this quick post production breakdown, you can see the step by step to put photography and the CGI elements together in one image! To know more about this and other works, visit Lightfarm's

  • 05:08 Drunk Aliens - Making of

    Drunk Aliens - Making of

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    This is a personal project created by one of our artists, Rafael Vallaperde. It was awarded the 'Best Modelling' gold medal in the annual 'CG Society' competition, regarded as the 'Oscars' for digital artists.

  • 00:25 Breakdown Jeep Night Eagle

    Breakdown Jeep Night Eagle

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    Vocês pedem, a gente faz! Dá um confere no passo a passo da pós-produção para compor uma atmosfera misteriosa e depois integrá-la ao Jeep Renegade, 100% modelado em 3D usando CINEMA 4D e renderizado no Octane.

  • 00:40 Steampunk Minion Build

    Steampunk Minion Build

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  • 00:21 Schick Free Your skin

    Schick Free Your skin

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    We loved the concept of this brief & knew it had the potential to look amazing. Several test comps were done initially to explore the size, type, colour & position of the animal. We settled on a mixture of ferrets for the limbs, face & tail &a

  • 01:01 Watership Chase - making of

    Watership Chase - making of

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    These two lonely rabbits are looking for escape. Help them find way out from this muddle! Project created in Maya, rendered with Arnold, ZBrush for sculpting. I also used Mari, Nuke and Photoshop for composition. Thanks for watching. Art Director & 3d

  • 03:55 翼次方 燃爆网络班女性案例online class

    翼次方 燃爆网络班女性案例online class

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  • 01:16 6088AD Breakdown

    6088AD Breakdown

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    Breakdown of the 6088AD Series you can find here: https://zomax.net/gallery/6088ad/ Scene & Tutorial: https://gum.co/HRJED A huge shoutout and thank you to all my friends who supported me over the course of this project, you kept me sane (for the most

  • 10:26 3D Scan to Final Render Workflow Time-Lapse

    3D Scan to Final Render Workflow Time-Lapse

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    The video below represents around 11 hours of work compressed into a 10-minute video. All the scans and scene files are available to purchase on our store using the link below. https://goo.gl/GNbEry

  • 01:10 Popular coloring cartoon cat

    coloring cartoon cat

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  • 02:13 The making of FORBES WOMAN campaign

    The making of FORBES WOMAN campaign

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    This is a bit of our process creating the images for the FORBES WOMAN campaign by Ogilvy Brasil! It won 2 Gold lions (including gold in the illustration category) and 2 short lists in Cannes this year. We used CGI to create the female versions of Bill Gat

  • 00:18 FOOD BATTLE


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    Projeto autoral 3D, desenvolvido no estúdio Inspiratório. Música original por Fernando Canedo Gravado no Data Estelar Estúdios

  • 13:27 Modeling Dijard of Delura

    Modeling Dijard of Delura

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    Modeling in LightWave3D, sculpting ZBrush. =) Native Render (c) Alexander Vasilkov, 2017 http://www.alxsfx.com

  • 06:17 Making of  "Bottles of life"

    Making of "Bottles of life"

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    Hi Guys, After spending several months on Substance Painter with powerful abilities to make detailed textures, besides my enthusiasm for Digital lighting, I decided to create an artwork with a combination of these two important factors, together. If you l

  • 01:31 Replica picture I. I. Shishkin "Rye" (year 1878)

    Replica picture I. I. Shishkin "Rye" (year 1878)

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    I bring to your attention my latest work. It is a replica on the picture "Rye" of the great artist I. I. Shishkin (25.01.1832 - 20.03.1898) All greenery in this work is created individually. There is not a single library element here.

  • 24:12 Cute but Dangerous - Timelapse

    Cute but Dangerous - Timelapse

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    Here is a rough timelapse of my "cute but dangerous" artwork for week 70 of the #weeklyCGC. Some parts are missing (like where I modeled the sword) sorry about that :3 Music is mostly from NCS, and a couple of old Shadows songs at the end. Enjoy :)