Opening Deus Salve o Rei - Rede Globo


It was a huge honor to us to be part of the opening of Rede Globo's newest production, Deus Salve o Rei. For around 1 month, our 3D team have worked on the 3D modeling of all the scenes using Zbrush e Cinema 4D. Thanks to FlavioMac Menezes, Alexandre Romano and all Rede Globo team for the opportunity to be part of such a special work. And big thanks to all 3D Artists involved on this project: Rafael Vallaperde, Diego Maricato, Rafael Coppola Defelippe, Rafael Moco, Jennifer Olivr, Erlon Abrantes, Flavio Novi, Steferson Rocha, Diogo Reis and Alexandre Piovani.

Creative Direction: Sergio Valente, Mariana Sá

Creation: Alexandre Romano, Flavio Mac, Fabricio Duque, Felipe Lobo

Direction: Alexandre Romano, Flavio Mac

Art Direction: Alexandre Romano, Fabricio Duque, Flavio Mac, Christiano Clavet

CGI, Animation and Composition: Flavio Mac, Felipe Lobo, Fabricio Duque, Gustavo Duval, Wanderson Andre Santos

Executive Production: Orlando Martins

Concept Art: Koi Factory

3D Modeling: Lightfarm

Logo Design: Fabricio Duque

Creation Supervising: Valerycka Rizzo

Creation Assistant: Gisele Ramalho

Account Executives: Carla Sá, Suzana Prista, Fabienne Verbicaro, Paula Machado

Motion Graphics
3d, CGI, Deus Salve o Rei, cinema 4d, zbrush