E.T.A. - Scifi Short Film

Space pilot Marvin has the most boring job in the universe - but something lurks in the shadows of his space ship...

Animated scifi short film influenced by many science fiction classics, and a few contemporary scifi shows/animations. Produced by the demoscene group JUNK in 2008.

Won the Best Animation Award at BreakPoint, Germany in 2008.
Won the Best New Talent Award at Aarhus Filmfestival, Denmark in 2008.
Won the Best Animation Award at Balticon, USA in 2010.

Director: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Writer: Søren Pødenphant Andersen
Year: 2008

Matte paintings: Michael La-Cour
3D modelling & texturing: Søren Pødenphant Andersen, Michael La-Cour
Character animation: Søren Pødenphant Andersen, Michael La-Cour
Cinematography: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Storyboard consultant: Ignacio Ferreras

Original music & sound editing: Rasmus Kudahl Kaae Munch
Final sound mix & mastering: Lars Christophersen

Editing & compositing: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Produced by JUNK with support from ANIS & Open Workshop

Copyright © 2008 JUNK

Has been in competition and/or screened at multiple film festivals all over the world, including:
Premio Cinematografico, Italy
Big Cartoon Festival, Russia
Viewster Online Filmfest
Big Cartoon Festival, Russia
Animago, Germany
Chattacon 38, USA
Reel 13 Indie Film Competition
Paris (60th) "Mars Attacks", France
Celluart, Germany
ShortCUTS, Germany
Fantaspoa, Brazil
Macou Cultural Center, China
Backup Festival, Germany
Gwacheon Intl. SF Festival, Korea
Kurye Video and Digital Arts Festival
Tricycle Cinema pre Source Code, UK
ICON Intl. SciFi Festival, Israel
Brain Wash, UK
IMAGINE Film Festival, NL
Animayo, Spain
Viewfinders IFF, Canada
Roanne Intl. Fest. of Short Anim, FR
APOX Film Festival, Croatia
Balticon Sunday Night Short FF, US
TriCity Indie Fan Film Fest, US
Nemo Festival, France
Minimalen, Norway
Fredrikstad Anim. Festival, Norway
Siggraph, USA
Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden
Cortoons Int. Short FF, Italy
Red Stick Int. FF, USA
Anima Mundi, Brazil
Animated Encounters, UK
Cartoons on the Bay, Italy
Cinanima, Portugal
Int. Trickfilm-Festival, Germany
Bath Film Festival, UK
Arcipelago, Italy
Artimotion, Italy
Motion CUBE, Italy
Up-and-Coming Intl. FF, Germany
London Intl. Animation Fest, UK
Melbourne Intl. Anim Fest, Australia
Australian Intl. Anim Fest, Australia
Sydney Intl. Anim Fest, Australia
MaxCon, Czech Republic
HD Fest, USA
Computer Space, Bulgaria
Anchorage Filmfestival, USA
Siggraph Asia, Singapore
Platforma Video8, Greece
OneDotZero Adventures in Motion, UK

CG Short
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