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The world’s most epic logo reveal, for the world's most epic partnership…


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Before the breakdown, it's worth saying that this project never would have come together without the absolutely AMAZING people that made it all possible. From the very start, this was a very special project, with a very special team, that came together at a very special time. Without the brilliant ideas, triumphant effort, and complete skill of each and every person involved, none of this would have ever been possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you for making this video a huge success, and a ton of fun.

And to our fans - keep believing! Without you, none of this is possible. Help us to continue this special brand of humor and entertainment by staying in touch, spreading the word, and keeping us encouraged to make more hot shit!

Until next time,
- Aardman Nathan Love

Production Company:
Aardman Nathan Love

Produced & Directed by:
Joe Burrascano

Character Design, Storyboards, Concept Art & Animation:
Tim Probert

Environment Design & Concept Art:
Sigmund Lambrento

Art Director:
Anca Risca

CG Lead, Look Development, Lighting & Compositing:
Eric Cunha

Character TD:
Lukas Wadya

Previz & Layout:
Henning Koczy

Doug Litos, Henning Koczy, Tom Shek, Dan Barker, Jordan Blit, Goran Ognjanovic

Lighting & Compositing:
Jin Fang Jiang, Triston Huang, Liz Ku, Michael Lampe

Env Model, Texture & Look Dev:
Hubert Wozniak

Compositing & Motion Graphics:
Jason Conradt, Jeff Billon

Sound Design & Music Composition:
Drew Skinner
CG Adv