Slug Invasion


Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop.


As morning dawns on a Norwegian suburb, a detachment of killer-slugs, led by the notorious Sergeant Slug, prepare for a heads-on attack on a small garden – their objective? A juicy, delicious flower on the other end, deep within a flowerbed.

A new conscript and his close friend, a medical officer, both suit and join in the massive charge into the garden. But as the slugs emerge into the exposed field, they stand head to head with a diligent, elderly lady, hell-bent on keeping her garden pristine and safe from pests.

As the two sides clash, it is as the saying goes: All's fair in hunger and war!

By: Morten Helgeland, Casper Wermuth, Lasse Rasmussen, Carina Løvgreen, Kirsten Bay Nielsen, Polina Bokhan, Peter Egeberg, Magnus Myrälf, Maria B. Kreutzmann

CG Short
animation film, the animation workshop, TAW, tegnefilm, Viborg, Denmark, cartoon, animation short, bachelor project, bachelor, 2012, Screening, Slugs, Invasion, Battle, Epic, Fight, Guns, Brave, Funny