Life VFX Breakdown

We provided over 100 shots for Daniel Espinosa's fascinating sci-fi thriller, a large amount of which were 3D set extension and rig removal. On top of this, we were awarded the entire zero gravity yo-yo sequence, which sees Jake Gyllenhaal playing with the retro toy. The scene was a big challenge for us, as Daniel wanted us to achieve something realistic but also visually interesting and dynamic.

All of the VFX shots we worked on were diverse in nature, with careful attention given to the realism needed for all CG shots. In response to this, we had the pleasure of enlisting the help of Andy Jones, UK yo-yo champion, to advise on dynamics and how a yo-yo might behave in space without the luxury of Earth's gravity.

As well as hard-surface assets and animation, we used Houdini to create smoke and fluid simulations for the warm breath and tear sequences to ensure they were as physically accurate as possible. All of our shots were completed in just seven weeks by a team of 30 artists.

This is the second project we've completed with Sony this year, and our first for Skydance.
CG Movie - Making Of