Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence VFX Breakdown


We’re delighted to present a breakdown of several visual effect sequences from Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence, showcasing the meticulous and time consuming process from start to finish. Logic-defying visuals stood as our goal, whether it was adding to existing plates or creating these shots from scratch. In addition to computer generated imagery and compositing, practical effects were also used to bring a certain level of surrealism to the project that a computer could simply not produce. We dive into some of these practical effects that were utilized to construct a microscopic world unlike anything seen before.

SPOILERS! - If you haven't seen the entire film, know that this breakdown does contain spoilers. View the film in its entirety here:


“It’s been over a year since we filmed Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence within a 12 hour time-span, a 250sq-ft set built from scratch inside of the director's bedroom, and lit with nearly all practical lights to create a 360 degree field of view. Since then, we’ve put it together, torn it apart, and gathered all the knowledge and wisdom we could to make this film the best it could be. At the very least we’ve been able to take away a hugely important learning experience, and we’ve met plenty of awesome collaborators throughout the process.”

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