The Witness Kinetic Typography Love, Death & Robots


So the past month i saw the amazing, coolest and badass animation anthology Produced by Netflix...Love Death and Robots and if you haven't seen it should! would make your jaw drop.. especially if you are into the motion design field, one of my personal favorite episodes was The Witness by the amazing Artist Alberto mielgo and his team, when i discovered his work i was amazed by his vision and the amount of craftsmanship of every piece he delivers, the blend between techniques and styles are really astonishing,in this episode every frame is so well crafted and elaborated, that inspired me to create this kinetic typography piece i used a line of dialogues of one of the scenes that in my point of view delivers a glance of the main characters and the unique and intrigue relationship they share . I don't intend to make any copyright infringement of any type or form, all of the licences and copyrights related to this episode or series are part of Netflix and his own creators. Some of the graphics were made by the talented marmonaut. always supporting me in every project i get into thank you a lot.

i hope you like it and share it if you want.

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