NISSAN KICKS 2017 – Make an EpicEntrance

#UPP created a quarantined world in the style of the "I am Legend" movie, a world where no one is safe from danger. In a post-apocalyptic world, you can always count on the new Nissan Kicks to make an #EpicEntrance.
Almost every single shot has some extensive post-production; from complex matte paints and sky replacements all the way to fully CGI destructions, debris, dust, monsters, birds, and cars.
Watch out for the monster lurking in the desolated city.

Director: Ben Whitehouse
Client: City Films - Beirut
CG Adv - Making Of
sparks, particles, flocks, barricade, birds, claws, scratches, dust, matte paint, simulation, smoke, derelict, contamination, destruction, apocalyptic, monster, Godzilla, lizard, 3D cars, explosion