Antoine Kogut - Sphere of existence (Official Video)


This video, a collaboration between musician Antoine Kogut and multi-dimensio- nal graphic artist Ugo Bienvenu, showcases the last moments of a humanoid ro- bot in a lush vegetation setting. Antoine has left Ugo free to interpret his brand new song “Sphere of Existence”, and Ugo has used his innate talent to conceive powerful and pared-down images created entirely in CGI.


Title : Sphere Of Existence

Artist : Antoine Kogut

Lyrics : Antoine Kogut

Music : Antoine Kogut, Baptiste Germser, Paul Shneiter

Label : Versatile

Director : Ugo Bienvenu

Art Direction : Ugo Bienvenu, Mehdi Alavi

CG : Mehdi Alavi, Hugo Garnier, Clémentine Choplain, Geo rey Lerus,

Paul Lavau, Axel Digoix, Hadrien Farre, Guillaume Zaouche @ Pillule & Pigeon

Production : Marc Bodin-Joyeux @ Passion Paris


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Motion Graphics