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  • 03:00 Popular Murad Abujaish 3D Generalist/Look Development Demo Reel

    Murad Abujaish 3D Generalist/Look Development Demo Reel

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    Demo Reel breakdown: 00 min 02 sec - 00 min 40 sec : SantaClause"Feature Film Teaser"/ CG Supervisor/ Look Development/ Environment Creation/ Vegetation, Environment Lighting and Rendering...Maya/Mentalray/Xgen/Aftereffect/vue. ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــ

  • 00:06 Lookdev - Hand

    Lookdev - Hand

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  • 01:33 Showreel 2017 Lisa Ecker

    Showreel 2017 Lisa Ecker

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    1) 00:04:23 - Goblin King (Diploma project „Creature Pinup“) - Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Face Rig, Muscles, Fat Simulation, Skin Sliding, Cloth Simulation, Prop Rigging and Simulation (Autodesk Maya) 2) 00:30:17 - Hyena - Modelling, Anim

  • 01:02 Popular Statue - Behind the Scenes

    Statue - Behind the Scenes

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    We're constantly looking for new ways to showcase our skills, with industry-leading techniques that will help our clients get show-stopping results. Our latest SBLabs study, creates an epic moment of a Muay Thai battle, frozen in time utilising full-body

  • 00:08 THE LIFE - PREVIZ


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  • 00:08 Popular General Lee - Loop (Breakdown)

    General Lee - Loop (Breakdown)

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  • 00:31 Popular Maserati - death valley | breakdown

    Maserati - death valley | breakdown

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    Maserati, Death Valley This was an internal R&D project. The brief was to create a computer-generated yet entirely photorealistic desert landscape as a dramatic backdrop against which to show off the sleek beauty of the Maserati Levante. The real chal

  • 00:26 Popular "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

    "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

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    The Breakdown of a personal project "The Nature". Rendered in RedShift3D for Cinema4D,Check the full details in Behance! https://www.behance.net/gallery/51054157/The-Nature-by-MesHQ

  • 01:10 Popular The Launch - Houdini Pyro/Redshift volume GPU rendering study

    The Launch - Houdini Pyro/Redshift volume GPU rendering study

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    Hey, this is evolution of an old project. I decided to check if I can render a whole pyro-oriented scene in one pass. That was supposed to save me a headache of compositing multiple smoke/explosion elements on top of eachother. It worked, but obviously I



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    Beefeater 3D 360 VR VFX whole process description, Descripción de los procesos de creación del video.

  • 01:03 Popular GMC | 2018 Terrain Reveal x The Mill Blackbird

    GMC | 2018 Terrain Reveal x The Mill Blackbird

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    Using Mill Blackbird, Mill+ and Engage M1 brought GMC’s newest vehicle out onto the open road, the yet to be revealed 2018 Terrain. When the project began, the Terrain wasn't available for shooting in any public spaces. This is where The Mill Blackb

  • 00:58 Popular Nööburgring - breakdown

    Nööburgring - breakdown

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    Finally I' ve finished this shot. Also prepared some small breakdown. Feel free to check the artstation for more details https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZX6Qx Rendering - 3dsmax + Redshift Comp - Nuke

  • 03:18 Popular Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

    Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

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    Presenting Framestore's work for Game of War ‘Hero’, featuring the game’s newest champion: the inimitable Mariah Carey.

  • 05:43 Popular Real-Time Cinematography in Unreal Engine 4 - SIGGRAPH 2016 Reveal!

    Real-Time Cinematography in Unreal Engine 4 - SIGGRAPH 2016 Reveal!

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    Winner of the SIGGRAPH 2016 Award for Best Real-Time Graphics and Interactivity, this scene based on Ninja Theory’s upcoming game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, was shot, edited and rendered to final quality in minutes, a process that would no

  • 00:55 Popular Strawberry Candy - VFX Breakdown

    Strawberry Candy - VFX Breakdown

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    This is a project I worked on a while ago. I used Zbrush to sculpt the strawberry trying to match the Fibonacci spiral. Real flow was used for the High Viscosity Liquid Simulation rising the simulation subframe step to avoid "exploding" particles. Rendere

  • 00:10 Popular Trash Bot animation test

    Trash Bot animation test

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    A little side project I've been busy working on for fun! He's another one of my robot characters, called "Trash bot", this is just a quick animation test to see how well the rig is holding up, especially the right arm IK rig, which took quite a while to f