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  • 00:26 "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

    "The Nature" by MesHQ | Breakdown

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    The Breakdown of a personal project "The Nature". Rendered in RedShift3D for Cinema4D,Check the full details in Behance! https://www.behance.net/gallery/51054157/The-Nature-by-MesHQ

  • 02:01 Popular Alagoas "Ghosts" / Making-of

    Alagoas "Ghosts" / Making-of

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    See the music video from Alagoas, 'Ghosts' here: vimeo.com/132071668 Editing: Marc Luelmo Music: Wilson Brown at Antfood Front Frame: Brazo del Hierro

  • 00:50 Baboon


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    Layout and Animation: Roger Wilson Light, Fur, shader and composition: Marcelo Vaz Rigs by iAnimate



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    Beefeater 3D 360 VR VFX whole process description, Descripción de los procesos de creación del video.

  • 04:06 Popular Behind the Scenes: The Chemical Brothers 'Wide Open'

    Behind the Scenes: The Chemical Brothers 'Wide Open'

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    Behind the scenes of The Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’ music video directed by Dom&Nic, featuring professional dancer Sonoya Mizuno. Learn more on our behind the scenes blog: http://bit.ly/BTSChBr Watch the full film: https://vimeo.com/152

  • 01:30 BELAVENTURA - breakdown

    BELAVENTURA - breakdown

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  • 03:23 Popular Breakdown | - HORIZON -

    Breakdown | - HORIZON -

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    More details about the conception : http://www.behance.net/gallery/-HORIZON-/3530289 Fun Fact : "firstground" instead of "foreground" , a little frenchie mistake! Edited and created by Mickael Forrett Softwares: Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effect Autodesk

  • 00:29 Brute - 2018 - breakdown

    Brute - 2018 - breakdown

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    Brute (2018) by Thomas Brockmann A free project I did with Maya. The idea came, when I discovered the functions of Maya MASH. Environment is modeled in zBrush. Shaded and rendered with Arnold. Additional FX by Torben Dirksmeyer. Compositing by Florian Deh

  • 02:40 Popular Bucky Bunny Toon Character Rig Demo

    Bucky Bunny Toon Character Rig Demo

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    Rig demo of our latest cartoon character Bucky Bunny. Learn to model Bucky Bunny here: http://puppeteerlounge.com/modeling-workshop Learn to rig Bucky Bunny here: http://puppeteerlounge.com/rigging-workshop Learn to animate Bucky Bunny here: http://puppet

  • 00:25 City destruction R&D

    City destruction R&D

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    WIP - not lit yet and lots to fix and way more details to add, cars getting swept up into the air. updated version...https://vimeo.com/244833156

  • 00:37 Popular Final Project - Girona XVI

    Final Project - Girona XVI

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    This is the final project I did during my Master on Visual Effects. The scene is inspired by "The Three Musketeers" movie but using my hometown Girona on the background. 3D & VFX with LightWave 11.5 Video editing and compositing with Adobe After Effec

  • 01:06 FrameBreed Studio | Creature Reel

    FrameBreed Studio | Creature Reel

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  • 03:18 Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

    Game of War 'Hero': Making Of | Framestore

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    Presenting Framestore's work for Game of War ‘Hero’, featuring the game’s newest champion: the inimitable Mariah Carey.

  • 00:08 General Lee - Loop (Breakdown)

    General Lee - Loop (Breakdown)

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  • 01:03 Popular GMC | 2018 Terrain Reveal x The Mill Blackbird

    GMC | 2018 Terrain Reveal x The Mill Blackbird

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    Using Mill Blackbird, Mill+ and Engage M1 brought GMC’s newest vehicle out onto the open road, the yet to be revealed 2018 Terrain. When the project began, the Terrain wasn't available for shooting in any public spaces. This is where The Mill Blackb